Thank you for your interest.

There are no current availabilities.  Should you wish to lodge your interest in any future availabilities, please contact Chambers as per the below Enquiries section:

  • Gibbs Chambers consists of 10 rooms of varying size, each with monthly tenancy of indefinite duration.
  • Rooms are unfurnished with built-in shelving.
  • Large windows.
  • In-room laser printers in addition to large volume shared printer/copier/scanner (at cost of per page printing/copying).
  • Phone handset available at cost (should you choose to connect to in-house phone system, or simply arrange separately/use your own).
  • Space available in admin/reception for your own support staff (if required).
  • Quay Central is an easy walk to courts.
  • Friendly cafe located on ground floor.
  • Three permanent and three visiting QCs on the floor.
  • Building bicycle parking and end of trip facilities.
  • Separate car/motorcycle parking tenancy may be available.
    • rent & building outgoings;
    • general floor management;
    • cabled internet;
    • wifi (for members and clients);
    • page on Chambers website;
    • in-house printer setup & maintenance;
    • electricity;
    • business hours air-conditioning (fee for a/h);
    • tea & coffee making facilities;
    • mail collection.


Lister Harrison QC 

Peter Bickford

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