About Gibbs Chambers

Members of Gibbs Chambers practise in a number of jurisdictions, including the High Court, State Supreme Courts, and the Federal Court, and in tribunals exercising jurisdiction in particular members’ areas of practice as shown by the pages for individual members.

Members of Gibbs Chambers appear in courts and tribunals on instructions from solicitors, whether in private practice, government service or, subject to the requirements of the relevant court, employed in-house, and patent attorneys in intellectual property matters, and for tribunals, where appropriate, on instructions from chartered and certified practicing accountants.

In addition, members provide advice and related services on instructions from both solicitors and such accountants.

Being barristers, we practise as individuals, and not in partnership with each other.  However, the range of expertise of members of chambers allows us to draw on the knowledge and experience of fellow members in their own particular areas of expertise when, as often happens, matters we are briefed make it expedient to do so.

As well as being admitted to practice as barristers in the State of Queensland, members of Gibbs Chambers are entitled to practice in all other Australian jurisdictions.

David Russell AM RFD KC has chambers in Sydney, Darwin, Auckland, Dubai, London as well as in Brisbane.

Justin Byrne has chambers in Sydney as well as in Brisbane.

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