The Hon Charles Sweeney KC FTI

The Hon Charles Sweeney KC (NSW, VIC and NZ), FTI, FAICA

 Professional Qualifications/Experience


Charles Sweeney KC is one of the most experienced counsel in the Asia Pacific region. He is a veteran of commercial litigation, appeals, arbitration, mediations and of other means of dispute resolution in major commercial and constitutional matters.

Charles Sweeney has international judicial experience as a Commonwealth Chief Justice, as Chairman, Fiji Commerce Commission and as Commissioner of the Samoa Competition and Consumer Commission. He is an internationally accredited advanced mediator and arbitrator and a commercial and resources and appellate barrister. He has had an extensive practice for many years in most jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific and has been a regular adviser to governments and economic regulators in the region. He holds  permanent practise rights in most jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific, including PNG, Cook Islands, Fiji, and New Zealand. He has given numerous invited papers at judicial and other legal conferences. He is experienced in the problems of judicial administration and  independence in developing states.

He is available for challenging  mediations, arbitrations, early neutral evaluations, commercial, mining and resources advice and litigation and for complex civil and criminal appeals. He has acted alike for major corporations and for groups who have suffered  financial calamity.

Previous appointments: Professor of Law and Economics, Centre for Law and Economics, ANU, Auckland University and University of the South Pacific, Professor in Law and Economics, National University of Fiji. Lecturer in Taxation, University of Melbourne, Editor Melbourne University Law Review, Co-Editor Australian Law Journal, Editor Federal Court Reports and Federal Law Reports (over 100 volumes),  Australian Correspondent, Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Journal,  London,  Special Counsel (Tax Avoidance  Litigation)  ATO, Canberra. Chief Justice’s Law Reform Commission Vic, Incorporated Council of Law Reporting NSW . 


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