21 05, 2020


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Thank you for your interest.

Expected upcoming room availability:

  • From 01 JULY 2020 – To let large easterly room, (34.92sqm).
  • Gibbs Chambers consists of 10 rooms of varying size, each with monthly tenancy of indefinite duration.
  • Rooms are unfurnished with built-in shelving.
  • Large windows.
  • In-room laser printers in addition to large volume shared printer/copier/scanner (at cost of per page printing/copying).
  • Phone handset available at cost (should you choose to connect to in-house phone system, or simply arrange separately/use your own).
  • Space available in admin/reception for your own support staff (if required).
  • Quay Central is an easy walk to courts.
  • Friendly cafe located on ground floor.
  • Three permanent and two visiting QCs on the floor.
  • Building bicycle parking and end of trip facilities.
  • Separate car/motorcycle parking tenancy may be available.
    • rent & building outgoings;
    • general floor management;
    • cabled internet;
    • wifi (for members and clients);
    • page on Chambers website;
    • in-house printer setup & maintenance;
    • electricity;
    • business hours air-conditioning (fee for a/h);
    • tea & coffee making facilities;
    • mail collection.


Lister Harrison QC Harrison@gibbschambers.com 

Peter Bickford Bickford@gibbschambers.com

6 06, 2019

David Russell QC attends as representative of AOTCA – Global Tax Advisers’ Platform

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06 June 2019 – Brussels : Belgium FORUM – Creating Tax Certainty in an Uncertain World: Double Taxation, Tax Rulings & Dispute Resolution Processes

22 11, 2018

W A Lee Equity Lecture 2018 – David Russell QC, 21 November 2018

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Topic: “Equity in an Age of Uncertainty: Big Data, Confidentiality and Fiduciary Liability”


The QUT Faculty of Law presents the 18th Annual W A Lee Equity Lecture presented by David Russell QC. The W A Lee Equity Lecture is held each year in honour of foremost equity and trusts academic and author Honorary Professor W A ‘Tony’ Lee.

Abstract: As trusts are increasingly used as commercial and wealth management vehicles, they are becoming subject to regulation which is drafted without consideration of the specific needs of trusts and those connected with them. At the same time there is an increasing disconnect between fiduciary principles and public behaviour in the political and corporate realms.

The speaker will address:

  • The longer term consequences of Data Protection Legislation, and specifically the decision of Dawson-Damer v. Taylor Wessing LLC [2017] EWCA Civ 74, for trust administration;
  • Disclosure of beneficial interests under the Common Reporting Standard and European Anti-Money Laundering Directives and their implications for confidentiality in trust relationships; and
  • The linkage between the decline in public trust in institutions and the seeming failure of fiduciary obligations to be applied and enforced.

Request a copy of the paper


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